Friday, January 12, 2007

Blood Type Characters

Since there was a question for yesterday's entry, I think I'd write about blood type characters today. It seems like for some reason the comment tool didn't work the question's invisible - it was "what are blood type characters all about (in Japan)?"

Well... to some people, it's about everything. I have a colleague in office who tends to believe in blood type characters and I tease her sometimes calling her a "blood type believer" . The general understanding, regardless the degree you believe in it, is that each blood type out of the four (A/B/AB/O: just ignore the rh+- for now) each represents a certain kinf of character.

(A) For example, people with A-blood are said to be serious, thorough, very punctitilious, careful, not so outgoing, high self-esteem, stick-to-the-rule kind of strict and perfectionist people. For their seriousness, responsible, sensitive and considerate characters, though, they can be relied upon as trusted and calm leaders.

(B) Than B-blood people are sort of accused from other people of being too self-pace. In good and bad ways do not care about what other people are doing. On the brighter side, B-blood people are said to be cheerful and are good at swtiching feelings so can become good leaders, but because s/he can be over-excited by even small compliments s/he can be isolated at times. Perhaps a bit emotional and moody.

(AB) AB people are many times referred to as geniouses and weirdos at the same time. It is commonly understood that people with AB blood type are gifted with many talents especially in the artistic field and are efficient in carrying matters. On the other hand, however, the means and ways of expressing feelings and things may appear awkward at times to other people, therefore the geniousness can turn into weirdness. Not too fit for a leader.

(O) Last but not least, O-blood people are interpreted to be easygoing and outgoing, which the other side can be lazy and disorganized. As opposite to A-type people, O-type people tend to be careless in both good and bad terms. Generally positive about things: have a tendency of believing things'll be somehow all right. Sensitive, bright, and mentally strong. Makes a good leader with upward mobility.

This is all superstituion to I suppose most of the people, but still, a lot of people like to believe it when they want to. Some people are heaviliy influenced though, which I believe isn't a good measure to get to know new people and get along with them. I also think that sometimes it works the other way - meaning, people behave and present themselves (to others and to oneself) accordingly to how each blood type is being portrayed and believed.

To me it's nothing more than other kinds of fortune telling, or less. It's just some entertainment and guideline. The only time I like to classify myself as a member of one blood-type is when I watch the daily blood-type based fortune telling... and only when the results are good :p

I wonder why and how blood type characters became so commonly understood. I bet it's only Japan or if not, very few cultures that distinguish characters by blood type. I know that in some places you don't even check your blood type unless you need to know for medical reasons.

Today's update: webmanga
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Taty said...

oh boy... I've been trying to figure out my blood type by reading character descriptions but I haven't come very far... according to this description I must be O... I have no checks in A, 3 checks in AB, 7 checks in B and 9 checks in O! I always thought I was AB... but I don't think you can define one's personality by their blood type... *sigh* I guess it's no use so I'll leave it at this ^.^ oh, typical O-type behavior!
would be interesting to know if blood types can change... i'm pretty sure they change along with the personality... well, well ^.^

Yuuma said...

What the-? Blood type is something you are born with, it's in your genes...and you even don't know it? check your medical record for goodness' sake