Thursday, March 8, 2007

DEATH NOTE laptop on sale

The DEATH NOTE craze seems to increase momentum.

DEATH NOTE, a psycho suspense manga that came out three years ago sold more than 25 million copies (vol.1-12 all together), released a pair of live-action movies last year with a box office sales of over 8 billion yen in Japan alone, followed up with a spin-off with "L" as the protagonist coming out in 2008, currently airs a TV anime series, and most recently came out with a game soft on Nintendo DS. All of them are selling extremely well, and I bet there is hardly anyone between the age of five to fifty (at least in Tokyo) who has never even heard of the name somewhere.

The latest news on DEATH NOTE tells that not the paper-version notebook but a laptop computer version of the "death note" is going on sale. It is a plain-looking laptop except that it has a special cover on the top side with the mark and scribbling that says "DEATH NOTE", and comes with an apple-designed USB memory. Only 30 of them - strictly thirty and no more no less of course with serial numbers - in the world are going to be sold, probably around 200,000 yen ($2,000 more or less). You can see pictures
here (Japanese). Supposedly the machine carries the state-of-the-art specs including FeliCa Port (contactless IC card reader) and Windows Vista meaning its a windows machine. It looks like its an NEC.

So what do you think? Many of the comments posted to this article are rather on the cold side and those comments are I guess kind of true. They say it rather looks cheap, and also that if they were going to come out with a computer anyway they should have made it with Mac instead of Windows for one) "L"'s computers used in the original manga were all Mac, and two (a minor reason)) if they were going to associate Ryuk's love for apples they might as well made a more artistic version of the laptop DEATH NOTE with Mac's symbol apple instead of attaching an apple-shaped USB. These people've got a point, I think.

Even then, the very-limited laptop DEATH NOTE are sure to be a target of fierce competition when it comes out. I see this particular characteristic of Japanese people being so obsessively attracted to "numbers" so on top of the fact that only "30" of them are going on sale, the (extremely effective) advertisement of the limited computers having "serial numbers" makes this news really a killer.
Um... if anyone who happens to have his/her name included in the data of this computer suddenly dies in a mysterious way, than that would become a real news.

So much for today.
Today's update on Japan Mode:
Country Names in Kanji vol.2 - I have added a few to the previous page (vol.1) and about 15 or so more countries on today's page. So far there are several European countries, USA and some Asian countries listed.


Anonymous said...

I just checked the picture out and, in truth. Its not that great.
It looks like they've bought a normal, silver laptop and slapped a sticker saying "deathnote" on it.
Obviously, my interest still stands somewhat in the object, condsidering their only selling 30 odd copies of it.

Though I was dispointed. I hoped they could do better than that.

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