Tuesday, February 6, 2007

2007 Spring Fashion

From my netsurfing yesterday to gather some information about Japanese fashion trend for spring 2007, I found out that the ladies fashion trend for this season is going to be pretty seriously girly.
Oh, but before I go on, let me ask you one simple question that's been bothering me for a while.
When you describe fashion in English, which one of the following is correct or rather, most commonly used?

A) Men's / Ladies'
B) Men's / Lady's
C) Mens / Ladies
D) Men's / Women's

This has been confusing me: the gramatically correct ones would probably be (B) and (D) but I have a feeling that (C) is used most commonly in Japan. Like many of the imported words and English coined in Japan, people don't really care too much about grammar. But I need to know just to get rid of this blurry smoky thing out of my mind.

So, the women's fashion trend. I'm going to put up the details some time during February on Japan Mode so I won't go in too much (not to mention I don't have enough information to come up with a complete article).

The general trend is somewhat a continuation of
winter 2006, which is the revival of 60s-sort-of style. I don't know about fashion trends outside of Japan so I'm not sure if the fashion trend here is something unique to Japan or is kind of a part of the larger int'l/global trend but anyway, the winter 2006 trend in a word can be described "classic, feminine and gorgeous" (at least, that's what people were aiming) as represented in the use of frill, laces, large ribbons, (faux) fur, skinny and rather high-positioned waist line, A-line silhouette so on so forth.

Those elements remain, or rather, they become even more conspicuous especially frills, lace and bowtie ribbons. New designs coming out already have those accessories attached (most time detachable) but the trend seems to be so mainstream and popular that people add ribbons and bowties to the jackets they already have.

Over the winter (right now too) I've seen quite a number of people wearing mini skirts and short pants together with all kinds of leggings, but the trend for spring looks like more fluffy (fluffy?) and relaxed shapes. Balloon skirts and single-piece dresses (onepiece) continue to receive high popularity, and on top of the boom of springlike pretty colors, girly prints like flower and fruit seem to gain attention even for grown adults. If not skirts, baggy pants.

Shoes: there are spring boots coming out, but the mainstream seems to be flat and flexible shoes. Ballet-type shoes were pretty big last spring, so I guess those kinds, or similar types would be the trend this year (b/c the Japanese fashion industry doesn't like to have same trends in a decade, they have to change it somehow).

I also heard a small rumor that long hairstyle rather than short will be popular but am not sure.

I have a feeling that I am giving away too much here that I won't have anything left to write on the website, so I will stop here.

Today's update on Japan Mode:
Sakidori Events there will be a few snow-related festivals left, a lot of plum viewing as well as girl's festival (hinamatsuri), and the March Tournament of Grand Sumo is also coming up. If you have travel plans, check it out. Even if you don't, come have a look :-)

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