Friday, February 23, 2007

Blue Wolf

It seems like Japanese films are making their way around the world more than ever these days. Just yesterday I wrote about Dororo which is doing pretty well right now in Japan and is going to be shown sometime soon in more than 20 countries. It is going to become a grand-scale triology spending roughly 8 billion yen all together. It's going to take some years but I'll be looking forward to the upcoming series.

Then I also mentioned Mushishi (Bug Master?) based on a recent manga which is going to be shown in Japan soon. Sounded like it caught the hearts of several distributors overseas and though I haven't heard further news I'm pretty sure it's going to be shown sooner or later in at least a few places outside of Japan.
Another manga-based film lately made and shown is Bokkou, a collaboration piece of four (more or less) Asian countries and regions. Haven't seen the film yet but I really want to.

Then there's Sakuran that I've been mentioning as many times as I am for Dororo (NOT promoting though). It made its way to Berlin a couple of weeks ago to the International Film Festival. This one is going to hit the theaters tomorrow February 24th.

Speaking of the Berlin int'l film festival, another Japanese film seemed to have really grasped the hearts of distributors from almost 60 countries and regions. The original Japanese title is <
Aoki Ookami - Chi Hate Umi Tsukiru Made> which can be translated literally . Well, I at least had no clue this film is about just judging from the title, but it's actually a Japan-Mongolia collaboration film celebrating the 800th anniversary of the foundation of Mongolia. The film features Mongolia's historical hero Genghis Khan who achieved the so-thought impossible unification of Mongolia.

The news says that as soon as the Japanese production board and distrobutor put it on sale and the film market at the Berlin International Film Market dozens of distributors flooded to get a contract. All together 60 countries - 49 European and Middle/Near East countries and 11 Asian countries including Japan and Mongolia (both releasing the film on March 3rd 2007) - are going to release the film.

I don't have further information about the film, but one thing that disappoints me a little is the fact that most of the casts (at least the main figures) are Japanese. Because it "boasts" being an international collabarative project I thought there'd be a whole lot of Mongolian actors and actresses in it. Well... at least the entire film was shot in Mongolia...

Today's update on Japan Mode: CHARMY ROP Chapter 11 preview. If you've just noticed... the title of the webmanga changed today. The whole group agreed that it sounds better and links better with the story.

Oh, and the above is the newest wallpaper available at JChannel (in about two hours from now).

Hinamatsuri, the girl's festival, is coming up not tomorrow but the following Saturday (March 3rd) so this time Mimi's dressed in kimono.

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