Thursday, December 7, 2006

Culture and Entertainment

Ever since - or even before I took over this post as a webmistress for Japan Mode, I've been trying to think everyday what kind of things I should post.

Okay, I've been involved in this project for a year and I do know what kind of contents we have added and how my ex-boss and us staffs have worked hard on it, but since it just celebrated it's 1st anniversary a couple of months ago and because I want the site to focus on "something" rather than making it too general, I thought I'd point to the site in some direction and I guess... that would be cultural entertainment.

Not just "culture" because there already are a lot of websites that introduces Japanese culture and culture shock experiences. I actually think it's about time to go beyond mere descriptions and explanations on culture... but how...?

I also want to make it a website that people living outside of Japan can enjoy. Right now I feel like it's more targeted towards residents in Japan, more specifically Tokyo, because a lot of the information is on destination & event guides.

So what I need....... suggestions from you viewers out there!! Tell me what kind of information is needed and more importantly fun. I want to make the website "fun" just as much as it is informative.

Not that I meant to play with it, but I did include some hidden (internal) links on the top page of "Tokyo Event" for some people to explore - just for fun.

Okie, todays update: winter illumination 2006 Yokohama and Kobe ver.

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