Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Miyazaki Clock

The huge carillon clock built on the outer walls of Nippon Televison Broadcasting Center in Shiodome is about to move. This clock known as Nittere-Ohdokei (NTV Grand Clock) is designed by the world famous Ghibli animator and film director Miyazaki Hayao and resembles a bit the castle in "Howl's Moving Castle".

It's got lots of hidden tricks in it, and those tricks are going to be revealed after 5 years of careful planning, designing and building. The great clock will move from 11:00 - 19:00 from tomorrow through Christmas day, and regularly from next Tuesday the 26th.

I haven't seen the actual thing since I don't have a chance to pass by Shiodome, but I am quite curious to see it move. Being a fan of Miyazaki's rich imagination, deepness of the story and the artwork that marvelously puts those into shape that can move people's hearts, I want to see his works in this world.

Here's the link to the clock's official website: It's in Japanese but do have a look if you're a Miyazaki fan.

Today's update on
Japan Mode: Photo Gallery "Asakusa Hagoita-Ichi" - it's a small collection of the Japanese battledore fair which was held at Sensoji Temple in Asakusa from last Sunday untill yesterday. I went to take the pictures on the first day and it was pretty exciting. Thousands of battledore with fabulous artwork and crafts skills were sold, and thousands of poeple were there.

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