Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It's getting colder and colder, and it's finally starting to feel like winter. I don't really mind the low temperature but what bothers me so much this season is the swelling of my legs. I know it's not just the cold that makes my legs swell so badly because I spend my entire day sitting in front of the computer in an office so steaming hot (hey, where's the env-friendly eco policy?) and most of it's probably due to lack of sufficient excercise but anyway I am almost depressed by how swollen and dull my legs become by the end of the day everyday.

Last night I was sitting in the bathtub and rubbing my legs for some massage and they felt like huge chunks of meat. It wasn't muscle nor fat, it was the texture of heavy rubbery meat. I continued the massage after I was out of bath but no matter how much I worked on it my legs felt so... gross. I wasn't like, "these aren't my legs!"

Anyway, I was wondering how people deal with this around the world. I don't really think the preventions and solutions are universal, so I'm looking for a better way to get rid of this problem. Does anybody here know a good way of preventing and/or eliminating it?

Today's update on Japan Mode: Special Report "omotesando akarium collection" ... finished it, and got lots of photos (I worked all day on this)

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