Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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"Early bird catches the worm"...

With the air cooling down more and more each day, getting up early in the morning could be one big trouble... well, at least it is for me. I was assuming that it is the case for many people in this hectic business city, but maybe it's not.

I read a news article today telling that "early morning activities" are picking up popularity among the working generations at an amazingly fast speed. An event called "Morning Expo" held in Marunouchi, one of Tokyo's core business districts that carries 240,000 workers, attracted nearly 1,100 participants quickly filling up the capacity of the nine-day-long event. The activities included various class from hula dancing to how to make excellent morning coffee to even lectures on science held by astronauts.

Many of the participants commented that they were glad they took this opportunity to get up early and do something before work. The organizer of the Morning Expo analyzes that just doing something you like with a tiny bit of extra time pleases your ming and body, and getting up early which is something you're usually relunctant to do gives you a sense of achievement. Plus, the trains are less crowded so overall, the morning project takes away a lot of stress from your weekday life. It gives you more room mentally, too.

Morning activities might be potential business chances for the participants as much as they are for the organizers. These activities are a great chance to get to know someone completely outside of your daily job routine and expands the human network. Even cutting apart the business chance part, it still is a healthy way (I guess) to get to know new people face to face in this age of "invisible" human relationships.

This attempt, if it continues and establishes as a common practice, will bring larger social latent effects. It is well known that late nights, late mornings, mal-nutritious breakfasts (not to mention skipping breakfast) hugely affect healthy growth of children, and these factors are most times deeply associated with the living rhythm of the parents. The early morning projects have a great potential of improving the health of the larger society.

So everybody, get up an hour earlier! Early birds are cool!

Having giving so many good points about early mornings, I still don't think I want to (nor can ever) reduce my sleep in the morning. C'mon, it's one of the things you just can give up.

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