Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Oyster and Ice Cream

I'm not kidding and this isn't a title of a song or a book or anything like that.

It's the oyster season here and oyster is generally popular in Japan, but the business is about to collapse this winter. The Norovirus spreading so surprisingly rapid across the nation is been said to be a kind of a food poisoning coming from clams and shellfish and naturally when those kind of warnings go around the business faces a really hard time.

One of the ports in Japan's leading oyster fishing (fishing?) prefecture Okayama decided to sell this menu "Ice Cream with Fried Oyster" and it is selling off so well. I saw a picture of it, and it was a vanilla ice cream (actually what we call "softcream" and not really ice cream) with two pieces of fried oyster stuck into the top part of the cream, with a bit of sashimi soy sauce poured on top.

UMMMMM....... not for me, no thanks.

It's sold at Y250 per cone (that's about slightly more than a couple of bucks) and the inventors say that more than 100 cones sell on weekends. I bet a lot of those 100 were bought out from pure curiosity, but anyway, how did they come up with the idea of combining ice cream and fried oyster???

Speaking of ice cream (btw I love ice cream) Japan has a whole selection of weird ice creams like shrimp, green onion, gyutan (ox tongue), miso, chicken wing...... My favorites of course are regular flavors and I don't even feel like adventuring around these - but wow, I'm impressed by the creative brains of all these inventors.

What kind of abnormal ice cream do you have in your country?

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